Explaing Schizo and getting help

I have been suffering from schizophrenia for 2 years now, they keep bouncing me around and no one will diagnose me, it has gotten to the point where I can no longer manage my symptoms and voices are almost constant, I have decided to tell my therapist so I can get medicines before next year however I am very nervous he will brush it off like everyone else. I don’t want to get diagnosed, I hate this illness, but my friend told me I have to get help as it keeps getting worse. How do I explain this in a way where they will actually help me? I am also very scared that Bren will go away, I know he is “imaginary” but he is the best i’ve got, also my family will blame everything on me and my delusions, how do I deal with this? HELP!!

Try letting the professions DX you if you want them to take you seriously. They Dx you, those who self Dx tend to be thought of as, um…not exactly real.
Pretty straightforward I believe.

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Welcome :slight_smile: well your friend is right, you do need help.
I got pretty attached to my delusions as well and didn’t want any help, turns out it was way better to get help than to stay the way I was.

If you can still make the choice go get help.

Hope we can help you here :relaxed:

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