Explain your experience's

I wanna know if this is real or not

I get delusional. I think people can read my mind. I think everybody is attacking me.

You can always try reality testing? What are you unsure about friend?

Not on medicines of late?

reality testing??

No, I’m taking medicine but it just doesn’t seem to be working. I’m taking 300 mg of clozapine, 6 mg of abilify

Just be patient for some time. I am facing a similar situation. Doctor is withdrawing paxil drug , says he will give fluoxetine. Paxil suited me well. I feel bad to give it up. But you can’t argue with the Doctor.

May be they will increase the Clozapine dose.

Well it depends on what the delusion is. Like I get worried about bugs in my food. But if I ask questions about it like “how would the bugs get in my food? the packages were sealed i watched everything go in it and I saw no bugs” if you challenge the thought it can help you find out if it’s real or not


well my delusion is thinking anyone can hear thoughts or if i say someones name i know in my head they can hear me saying it in my mind and respond back to me saying what?

Well I’m pretty sure no one can hear your thoughts but hmm I’m trying to think of how to test that. Perhaps try to like ask questions you know the answer to (about yourself or some fact or a math problem) to the people you’re most worried about reading your mind? something they wouldn’t just guess the answer to. like just keep the answer in your head and see if they can answer it?

I used to think I could read people’s minds. It was terrible. Cause they were all thinking awful, terrible things about me. It was pure hell. I was like that all my life.

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