Explain this joke to me?

I went to my little class tonight, gets me out of the house and til now is interesting. The professor was discussing conflict of interest to be avoided in law offices including with paralegals who might go from one office to another and know a client of the opposition. K, great lesson. Then he says, “Unless you are schizophrenic and you remembered last week but not this week”. Good grief! This is much worse than the professor who had us watch a lecture differentiating sz crime from normal crime last school I went to. But this time it’s a most unenlightening joke and I"m paying for the joking??? Oh and i don’t get it. I don’t have memory issues. desimb

I’ll keep my mouth shut, get a good grade, and maybe when we do course evals say I didn’t appreciate the jokes about mental illness??

I don’t understand it either.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

some professors really think they are all that and then some. My sis had some really duds. I guess if you want the grades, you have to put up with them. I am so glad my only on campus class is math. IT’s math. There is only one right answer and most math teachers don’t try to be funny

I’m sorry you have this going on. Good luck.

your professor is just ill informed and unfunny, he should leave joke telling to the professionals, just ignore him.
take care

Did anybody laugh at his stupid joke? He sounds like a creep. Just keep getting those good grades, though. Our professors are a mix of people–some good some bad. You still have to try your best, though.

That’s odd, because one time I was given the job of “Babysitting” my (ex)mother in law, including taking her to her Doctors appointment,and the (ex)sister in law had expressed concern whether or not I would “remember what the doctor said” wouldn’t I?

Hate to say it, but my memory is better than all of them put together.
Is this something new about memory? Sure don’t apply to me.

My memory is terrible. One of the relatives phoned and told me my grandma died and when mom got home I forgot to tell her. Several hours later someone phoned the house again and let her know. She couldn’t believe I forgot to give her the message.

I don’t get the joke…

Don’t worry about it. I am in the honors psychology program at my school and my profs know me as the Schizophrenic guy who makes good grades and speaks up in class and knows a lot about schizophrenia. One time a prof who wasn’t a psych prof referred to schizophrenia like it was dissociative identity disorder (aka split personality) and I didn’t take offense. Don’t be sensitive to remarks like that, it’s not like he was trying to offend you, unless he knows that you are schizophrenic, which unless you told him, he doesn’t. Don’t attribute his behavior to you personally. That’s a common mistake people make, it’s discussed in my social psychology class.

Just don’t be so sensitive and PLEASE dont drop the class over it. I would have quickly dismissed it as simple ignorance (although memory problems are a thing with schizophrenia, he actually was sort of right)

But to explain the joke, he actually was correct, memory problems are a part of some cases of schizophrenia. I have to ask people what their name is twice, I just tell them that “I am horrible with names”. Other than that, my short term memory has improved since I began medication. It was slightly impaired before I got all of my meds perfectly sorted out.

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If you are not that bright, then you can be a doctor, a professor, heck you can be just about anything. You see, the not that bright folk question very little but instead just absorb knowledge like a sponge. You know,…it’s like monkey see monkey know.

However, those who don’t just accept without questioning, meaning those who use intelligence instead, in their case they learn at a slower pace. In turn, when compared to the ultra knowledgeable people, they are further from being similar to a mere knowledge storage computer. Thus they understand a lot, but they do not know at lot.

Thus in many cases the know-a-lots understand so little, and boy…it shows when it comes to lack of respect of others.Yes you try to just ignore it, but it does tend to build up over time to the point of enough is enough.

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desimb, it’s good to see you joined the new forum.

There is a lot of cynical humor in human services. Especially with so many people who are burned out but stuck in their careers. Unfortunately, when a client is causing the worker a lot of extra work they often use syndical humor. Although they still care a lot about the client. People new in the field typically don’t like it but you’ll get use to it. Maybe if they pay was as good as it is in the business fields they wouldn’t mind stressful days.

Thanks to everyone who responded. Sorry I spent the day off line. desimb