Experimental soup

Made myself a courgette,leek,and sweetcorn soup(an experiment). First of all sweated the courgette and leek . Then added some frozen sweetcorn,a teaspoon of mixed herbs, and 1.5 pts of vegetable stock, brought to the boil and simmered for 30 minutes. It has a fairly mild but enjoyable taste.
Someone suggested i add some onion.I will do that next time.

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That does sound good, and I do like soup.

I love accidental food. It’s sometimes the best food ever.

Vegetables soups are great for weight loss, which is a hot topic for lots of us due to the weight-gain side effect of some antipsychotics. I am fortunate to have very little weight gain but an increased appetite from my meds. I am an amateur powerlifter, been doing that for about 9 months and I just got bigger muscles and kept the same waist size.

Funny thing, but weightlifting makes you gain good weight (big arms, built back, solid pecs and a developed butt and thick legs) and does well to make sure that any weight gained is muscle. I am about 170 now and I was 160 when I started meds. I have also gotten a whole lot stronger, I squat twice my weight, bench 1.5 times my weight and have deadlifted close to three times my weight. I botched a max deadlift the other day and sharted and dropped the weight though. So depressing…My trainer saw me do it and said to work on exploding upwards by deadlifting off a platform.

But I eat high cal and high protein foods. I often ransack the kitchen in the afternoon. It all goes to my muscles though, I found a way to make the weight gain work in my favor!

But I have low negative symptoms and all it takes is a preworkout drink (special stimulant blends made for weightlifting) and then Im all alert and ready to workout hard. I think alot of people on these forums have stronger negative symptoms, but LWD also lifts weights. Mob also works out.