Experiencing strange delays in phone notifications lately

When I was sending some texts to my sister a few days ago, my outgoing texts were delayed and later she received them all at one like 10 or 15 minutes later.

I also have delayed notifications for facebook messenger on phone. COnfused the hell out of me the other day when my phone sent me notification about someone sending a pic, which was apparently sent ages ago. When I logged onto messenger no pic was there except in history. Didnt figure out until just recently that its a lag in phone notifications. Messenger appears live on pc.

Anyway…point is, my phone notifications and texting seems delayed. Any tech people have a reason for this? I would suspect that it has something to do with provider of phone service but this just recently started. Have never had these issues before.

Not that big a deal I guess, but annoying nonetheless.


Same thing has been happening to me.

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you dont by chance have tmobile? I dont know if they operate in Canada.

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or maybe its facebook related. not an expert on this stuff.

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No i’m not with tmobile.

I think thats probably the case. Its annoying.

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agreed. Now that I think about it, the facebook notification should go to phone through wifi while I’m at home. Pretty sure that is default when my wifi is available. Only uses phone service for these connections when away from. I think its the default. So its likely a facebook messenger to phone issue. Its very odd because computer still seems to update instantly.

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Anyway, thanks for letting me know your having this issue as well. Was starting to wonder wtf was going on. Good to know I’m not alone.

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