Experiences using pregnenolone?

I came over information about this being good for negative symptoms in schizoprenia, and that it possibly can help sleep.

I also discovered there was a big discussion about this on sz.com back in 2014 with mixed responses.

Anyone have experience with this?

I would think that this would follow the same line of reasoning as estrogen. You wouldn’t necessarily want to modulate it unless there was an underlying imbalance. I’ve heard it can be potentially be helpful also, I think data isn’t quite there to warrant usage though

There was a big discussion about this on this site back in 2014.

Vitamin Pregnenolone - New Treatment for Schizophrenia - anyone trying it? - DX’d - Other - Schizophrenia.com

Some said it did nothing while others reported benefits.

I was just wondering if someone still was using it and had results to show for it.

I don’t think it’s a vitamin though. It’s a hormone.

This is what I got on wikipedia

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Another related thing

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Completely speculative

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