Experiences on Risperidone?

Dear all,

As you may know I am currently taking 25mg Abilify daily. I have been on this increased dosage for 1 week and 2 days now but no change. Is this too early to make a judgement on the effectiveness of the increase?

Anyway I am also interested in taking Risperidone if this strategy fails. It is apparently a very potent anti psychotic and perhaps the most potent available on the market. It is a strong dopamine antagonist. Is it effective in stopping voices?

Any experiences with this drug would be greatly appreciated.


I didn’t have a chance to let it run it’s full course and see if it stopped anything because it made me extremely dizzy when I stood up or was going up/down stairs. After I told that to my doctor she promptly discontinued it and put me on Abilify (26mg) as I am now.

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I am taking risperdal, it makes me dizzy when i stand up, it elevates my heart rate, it gives me fatigue, it has effect on motivation. I was in terrible health when i was on 3mg, now i reduced to 2 and all of those symptoms i mentioned are much less… I cant comment on voices because i dont hallucinate, in regards to my delusion, it keeps me delusion free.

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I took risperidone for about 5-6 months. It’s a decent drug, at 4 mg it was already making me very zombie like and I was pretty depressed because I wasn’t leaving the house. Gained a bit of weight, was 190 lbs, the biggest I’ve ever been. But that was because I was eating a lot as well.
Still had voices, but I think I was purposely imaging them. My head was clear.
It’s not too bad of a drug.

I had this problem with oral risperidone(think it lowered bp) and couldn’t stay on it long but when i tried second time with oral while switching to Consta it was less of a problem. Certainly i’ve not felt dizzy on the risperdal injections…

4mg several times

I had problem with my memory.
I couldn’t read the clock.
It was causing involuntary eye movements.
I felt my movements were restricted.
I looked drugged always.
Felt disconnected to everyone.
Weight Gain.

I was on Abilify for years. I am now on and have been taking Risperdal for a while now. The difference is night and day. Abilify is a weak antipsychotic - Risperdal simply works, the whole key is to find the right dose. The lowest most effective dose is where Im at now - 2 mg

At 2mg, still was the same for me.