Experienced good results with B3 in high dose. Any comments

Seen results on vitamin B3 in high doses. Now looking into Folic acid and B12. Vitamin C and fatty acids EPA. Any doctors that can comment?


thought i would say hi.
vitamins and a healthy food intake have helped me a lot.
take care

hi darksmith
Thanks for the greeting. Hope you are well mate. I think B3 is amazing. What other vitamins can you suggest?

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a good multi vitamin, d3, zinc vitamin bs’, spirilina, probiotics, vit c,magnesium and tissue salts, try and eat organic, loads of fresh fruit , veges and nuts…lots of water…
no fizzy drinks, no macdonalds it is not even food !!
i did all this instead of meds plus other stuff…
take care

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Everything Darksith mentioned, plus Ginkgo Biloba helps with memory and brain function…
I get my B’s in Vitaminwaters which I drink daily, plus they have less sugar than juice, though I drink juice too.
Whole grain cereals have lots of nutrients too, and I always throw in a banana for the potassium.

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