Experience with Ingrezza

Hey all, I recently received a trial pack of the anti-TD drug Ingrezza.

I took two days and I feel terrible, so I stopped.

I was wondering what other experiences there are for this drug.

I have moderate TD due to a heavy load of antipsychotics (Latuda and Prolixin) and bad history with Abilify.

Any experience helps, thanks.

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I’ve had latuda but not prolixin. Ability was okay. Do you have a pdoc?

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I do have a pdoc, and she’s great. She just isn’t sure about what to do with my TD. I mean it’s not severe, more of an annoyance.

I have two choices, Ingrezza and Austero (not sure if I spelled that right).

I’ve never heard of those yet. I hope they find something for you.