Experience With Adult Protective Services?

Does anyone have any experience with adult protective services?

My mother told me this morning that my sister physically shoved my 67 year old father around last night, and tried to physically attack my mother.

My sister’s convicted child molester husband held my sister back from attacking my mother, because he doesn’t want to go back to prison.

Classy relatives they are, I know. :frowning:

The question in my mind this morning is whether to contact APS (Adult Protective Services.) They are the government organization that would investigate physical abuse of the elderly, according to my understanding.

My father didn’t want me to call the police. But, if I don’t do something, I’m pretty sure my sister is going to kill my parents eventually. She was evaluated by a government appointed psychologist for disability once, and he said she belonged in jail, not on disability.

What is APS like? Since they help people on disability in addition to the elderly, I thought this might be a good place to ask.

Does anyone have experience with APS? Should I contact them about my sister physically attacking my father, and almost my mother, last night?


Hmmm. Thanks for the likes. I guess no one here has experience with APS that they want to share. Thanks anyway. I’ll move on to other support networks on this one.

Hate to see you leave glad to see you go.

I’m not sure I can make sense of that reply. I’m not going anywhere. I’m moving onto other support networks on this one, as I said.

I have never heard of adult protective services. Usually I think you would just call the police.

Good luck.


@Rosenthal…its a pity no one here can help u on this one…I never actually heard of the adult protective service


Eh. I’ve given myself 5 days to lock in this decision: I think I’m going to sell 90 percent of my stock to shore up my cash on hand and financial position, and then prepare for a legal battle to protect my parents. The lawyers will probably know whether to involve APS.

Thanks for the replies.

Ah, this seems hopeless. I can’t save my parents if they won’t save themselves. They won’t press charges, and no judge is going to find them incompetent.

Frustrating and sad, but I must face reality.

In some areas the victim doesn’t necessarily have to be the one who presses charges. Sometimes the state will do it themselves. This happens in cases of domestic violence especially


Thanks, Jimbob! I have renewed hope.


The National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA)


I had to report my brother to CPS for suspected child abuse. It was difficult, and caused a lot of my family to stop speaking to me for a long time. But now, the kid is safe and happy, in a loving home.

If your parents are mentally competent, and don’t want to press charges, I don’t think APS will be able to do much. But maybe your report will start establishing firm evidence in case they wish to take action in the future.


Thanks for the link. It gives the telephone number for my state. Another way to get the local telephone number, I found out today, is to call the national domestic violence hotline.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, my parents are both very high functioning in relatively good paying careers with strong social networks. The system would judge them as highly competent. That doesn’t mean they don’t let my sister physically abuse them out of a soft spot for their children, though.

I may end up reporting to APS soon, as you say, to establish a chain of evidence or suspicion. Also, my sister may welcome some form of mental help, if they can provide it.


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