Experience on Clozaril?

I met with my nurse practitioner today and she said she brought my case up at a meeting to get advice on how to progress. I’m still having breakthrough symptoms. I’m on high doses of Seroquel and Risperdal and recieving ECT treatments. At the meeting they suggested trying Clozaril. I’d like to try it so I wouldn’t have to get ECT anymore but I’m a little nervous of the symptoms. She said I would have to get weekly blood tests in the beginning and it could cause weight gain. She also said it would help me sleep which I’m nervous about because I hate the feeling of how meds sedate you. I read on a site that you should avoid alcohol on it and I don’t drink much but I like to drink every once in a while. Has anyone tried this med before? What was your experience on it? :sunny:

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I was very sedated in the morning + had a number of physical side effects. I didn’t worry much about whatever the blood tests were for. I felt good mentally. I would choose clozaril over ECT I think though I’ve never had ECT.

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My son has been prescribed Clozaril/Clozapine for over a year now. In my opinion it helps him a lot. It is weekly blood work for the first 6 months. Then every two weeks for 6 months. Now my son is monthly. Currently my son is on 300 mg, recently down from 350 mg. He has been as high as 450 mg although I think it can go as high as 900. He takes all of it at night and it does help him sleep but he is not sedated in the morning from it. He usually sleeps 8-10 hrs depending on if he takes his Trazodone or not. I find the Trazodone sedates him a lot more then the Clozaril. I think most antipsychotics state that you should avoid alcohol. My son does drink on it. If he drinks too much then he can’t take it as it will make him sick but a couple of drinks doesn’t seem to have that impact. When this happens he takes it the next morning less 100 mg. My son has fluctuated a little bit with weight although nothing serious. He wasn’t eating healthy or doing any exercise when he had gained a little bit. Now he eats mostly healthy and is fit. Weight is no longer an issue at all. As his nurse once told him, Clozaril itself does not have any calories so leading a healthy lifestyle can help a lot. He does have nighttime drooling although nothing that he complains about. Before he started Clozaril his white blood cell count was low so he was put on Lithium. In over a year he has only had a couple of low readings as getting blood work done first thing in the morning is not recommended. He needs to be up and moving around for a bit first. He is also taking 1 mg Risperidol. Currently he is stable and probably doing the best that he has been in about 4 years although marijuana and alcohol are not the concerns they used to be.


I’ve beem on clozapine for a few years now and it’s the only medication that ever did anything for me, the side effects were mild compared to the other antipsychotics. I would definently chose it over ECT.

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Thanks for the responses. Clozaril seems like a good drug. @BarbieBF thank you for providing so much detail. It really answered a lot of my questions. I’m glad to hear I’ll still be able to drink on it. Did your son have any symptoms when he was transitioning off his old med onto it? How long did it take to work? The one thing that has me nervous about going on it is reducing my old meds and adding the Clozaril and finding the right dose.

He was put on it while inpatient a couple of months before he moved back with me. Being medication compliant was an issue along with a big marijuana addiction. So I’m not sure if there was a transition from med to med as he may have been completely off of them or using so much marijuana they were ineffective. His previous caregiver noticed it helping pretty quickly as even with his addiction he was doing better. Within a couple of months he wanted to move back with me as he wanted a better life so it continued to help him more over time. Since he was started inpatient they were probably able to start him on higher doses due to being constantly monitored. I think they will probably start you at a fairly small dose and work it up over time while decreasing your other med and keeping a close eye on your white blood cell count.


It’s sounds like your doing great. A strong family and doctor support system helps.

It made me way too dizzy. I could barely walk on it. I think that was unique to me, though. I hear it’s a good med. If you don’t want to gain weight on it maybe you walk or do aerobics or something.

Why not see how you go for a few years. Do you work? If you don’t then you have time to enjoy life , and you don’t need to be medicated until you have 0 symptoms , I get by on about 10%-20% symptoms , but then again I do what I want. Not everyone , is that lucky.

Clozaril is the best medication I’ve ever been prescribed. However I had a rapid weight gain and it made my Cholestrol high.


I was insomniac. My mom was in medications long way story home-hospitals, that kind of worry makes you Wonder why this could happen, its causing me insomnia, that time was 2001, until my father losing big cash for my mom treatment, so she treated at home, the prescriptions are risperidone and 10mg or 100mg i forgot but it was clozaril. I’ve been frustration with my owomnia, so I silently took my mom medicine that clozaril 10mg, i drink half of it so it was 5mg i suppose. And guess what, i never woke up for full 2 and half day. Didn’t eat too. At the time when i woke up, its a heavy dizzy, i was unconcius at the bathroom i get KO bam my head hit the floor, as i remember my nose are bleed, took 2 hour as i recall to wake. There was nobody, my mom slept my father gone working. I Wonder how my mom don’t get sleep she drinks that for 2 time a day and with a lot drug i dont recognized. But me as normal KO for 2.5 day. After that, took 4 months my half head headache cured. Thank God. But I have finally get cure the insomnia alone. The key is not on the drug, its in my mind, Lots of gig band and bussy hour leaves you stress out, but that time my father can deal with my mom sickness with helps nurse and hospitals. So i get busy my self. Its not drug kill the insomnia but its our mind needs our hobby and get out from stressed situation. But pray is good finally it keeps our mind secured.