Existential fear of death

A strange fear gripped me yesterday and it was a terrible and ominous feeling. I guess I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, but we all have to confront the inevitably of our own death. I mean Jeff Tweedy was right when he sang “you got to learn how to die if you wanna be alive”. I take consolation in the fact it’s a slightly better feeling than wanting to end it all by your own hand. Still I’m scared.


I been having same fear …!!! I don’t know what takes away this feeling …!!! I am surely going to talk this matter to my pdoc …!!!

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“we need to walk away from an existential fear of death, and walk towards an existential death of fear.” -sirBoring (all rights reserved)

“what the freak did I just say… I was zoning out…” -sirBoring

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