Existential crisis thread

In my life I grew to pretty much hate banks. Overdrafts, stuffiness, usury etc etc.

But I was raised on bank salary. My bones grew because of the stuff.

So I’ll open it up. Anyone else have a tale to tell about existentialism?

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What do you mean?

I wish I grew up on a banks salary lol.

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Thanks for asking. I micromanage my ‘business’ and have racked up a lot of overdrafts.

Worse, and maybe you can relate, is that I don’t like confronting the banker for a break. I mean I do sometimes.

In the states they made an over investment in bank branches and they appear like jobs on the slow road… (TW!!)

! [But] they look like jobs on ‘the slow road to hell.’ You end up eating your lunch alone for one thing.

It’s just I tried to follow in my fathers footsteps and it didn’t work out you could say.

I mean some of it contains SOME beauty, like small biz owners who plow all they have and borrow all they can - to make their company work. And banks are there for them.

Mortgages too splice monies and also time(They are both divisible) (so the young can get homes.). Anyway my dad worked in info tech. Maybe I just wanted to start a thread since I hadn’t in awhile…


Trigger Warning, periods.

My existential crisis is that my time of the month started one week early… Like what!?! Is that…

Not happy about that

I like it to be regular so that I can have unprotected intercourse once per month when fertility is supposedly not going to happen.

I hope you will be OK. With the overdrafts
Hope it isn’t going to consume you and you can get it resolved

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I honestly am pissed off that people can make so much revenue on Youtube just for talking like me all the time. If AI is the way of the future we’re on the slow escalator to dystopia. Why are all the malls shut down where I live? Do they still have shopping malls in the world? I’m scared to say anything on the internet also, so you could call that existential. Lately all I think about is how many possible doomsdays will happen if the public don’t wake up. Holy ----- and this entire forum is being screened by Johns Hopkins research scientists, anyone with the creds and the applied label: research scientist should avoid taking my posts too seriously.

I hate having schizophrenia. If I didn’t have schizophrenia I believe life would be so much more enjoyable, free, and secure. I’m scared that in the blink you can pretty much have everything taken or lost. Try not to focus on those thoughts, but when I’m depressed I dwell on this stuff.

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I try to tell myself I will never get psychotic again. Of course you never know, but it is good to tell myself these things nvt and try to believe it.

I don’t know about that stuff… ! Ahaha sorry! I kissed many a girl but never (I’m picky…) but you know I’ve never had proper relations all the way. Never touched all the bases (baseball metaphor and locker-room type talk) and so I don’t know what being a week early means in the world… at least you’re not late, right?

On my ‘business’ I lost my footing badly when the stock market plummeted starting a year ago.

I went into a tail spin, but I WILL right the ship.

People here would really like me irl, I think… What happened was I invested in biotech ideas, specifically the three best known stocks for schizophrenia treatments.

Biotechs are volatile in normal times but I held for some time yet in the end my hand was eventually weakened enough that I sold them at the bottom. So Covid hurt my wallet, or my pocket.

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Oh week early just means my period started surprisingly early. I was pretty shocked.

Anyways, I really hope you will be OK financially?

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I’ll be okay!! Another part is I started buying valuable coins and selling them on eBay. I learned a lot about shipping. I learned some about negotiating.

Those monies were spared. I’m not so proud though,but I just thought the world was ending…

eBay and ebay charity debit your checking. In the end it was too many moving parts, plus I keep a low balance sometimes because I fool myself into thinking it’ll help me quit smokes.

For now it hasn’t worked but if it does over the long haul I’ll save like 70 grand. I must remind myself that it’s the most pressing issue I’m facing. My folks love me, I won’t starve.

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