Exercising on APs

I just got back into working out and i noticed that it’s a lot harder than it used to be. I get that im not in shape like i was a year ago but i dont remember feeling dizzy and confused after a workout. Does anyone else get this? Are there any tips that you can share for working out while on APs?

Build up slowly. That’s what I did. I started with walking several times a week. The I started walking for 2 minutes and jogging for one minute for a total of 20 minted. I didn’t start lifting weights for several months in order to build stamina. It’s still really hard to get the energy but I do exercise. Some days I can only do 15 minutes of cardio and either no weights or just 20 minutes of weights.


I cant get back in shape like i used to as if my heart wont condition properly.

Avoid high intensity work outs :red_circle:
Choose low or moderate intensity workouts like walking or light jogging so you don’t injure yourself or stress your joints

For me a 2 -3 km everyday is enough as I am too heavy

My love and support :heart:

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I felt dizzy after a treadmill exercise only because I was starting and pushing myself harder. If feeling dizzy once out of 7 exercises occurs, you’ll be fine. However, if you feel dizzy during every single exercise you do then it is either the medication or you are pushing yourself too hard or you are not at a good enough fitness level yet.

My treadmill exercises so far for the month of January.

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When i go to the gym i make it as hard and fast as i can. It’s because i don’t like being there so i put on a lot of weight, i use the row machine and rows 2 kilometers in ten minutes, and then out again after half an hour.

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I lost a lot of physical strength when they first put me on a major tranquilizer. Those drugs do help with the delusions and hallucinations, but they do it by making you feel so bad that you don’t care if what you’re seeing is real or not.

I dont know, risperidone made me feel really good before the side effects took over

I have decided to walk two miles each day on my thread mill to improve my cognition and physical health.

Risperidone is not a typical AP. I hate all the typical AP’s, but I hate Haldol the worst.