Exercise Ideas

Soon after my last episode a few weeks ago, I noticed my balance was a little off. It happens but it usually comes back by now. I was getting worried about permanent damage from this last episode.

Only last week balance off a little more and my ears started to itch, feel tender and it’s gotten a little harder to hear.

I forgot about my old friend swimmers ear. Thats a some what easy fix, use the drops, keep the earmuffs on in the cold and stay out of the water for two weeks. “TWO WEEKS??” :frowning:

Now that I’m going to be on land more, what do other people do for exercise on land?

I go to the gym. Do some crosstrainer and weights.

Brisk walking. 40 min/day.

the past 4weeks i power walk on avarage 9km each day, with diet and lifestyle change lost 8pounds so far, i find walking great for the mind

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Your still doing that walk. Good for you. That is good dedication. Do you walk with an Ipod or just listen to the nature?
I’m in the city, and the car noise gets to me sometimes. So, it would be Ipod time. But then I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t hear a car that’s about to hit me… :wink:

thanks J…
as long as i keep away from the beer, i will keep focused and motovatied i found drink ruins the motovation,
yes i have a ipod and a mp3 player with all my favorite songs,so i listen while walking, im buying second hand weights and gonna do a bit of weight lifting. i drive about 4 miles park up and walk then, ive went loads of routes to keep it interesting. i eat small amounts of smoked salmon 2 to 3 days a week, i heard you saying your state is famous for salmon, i find it keeps the energy levels high can’t beat it for nutristion

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Have you ever had Candied Salmon? It’s like a teriyaki salmon jerky. Very easy to take on hikes.

Keeping away from the beer is a huge one for me too. You’ve heard of the clean plate club? I’m a card carrying member of the empty bottle club. One is too many and not enough at the same time.

never heard of candied salmon, here its mostly atlantic farmed salmon, but when they oak smoke it, tastes magic.

never heard of the clean plate club but would it be the same as AA? i used to drink 2to3 times a week, drinking 8pints a time, so i had to stop, im thinking clearer since i stopped and feel better too.

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I haven’t tasted oak smoked salmon in a while. I’m going to save up a bit of money and treat myself. Thanks for that idea.

The clean plate club is where a child is pretty much guilted into eating every item on their plate. Don’t leave a bite behind. Parents would tell us kids all across the land, “You know there are starving children else where in the world who don’t get Brussel sprouts. Clean your plate”

If I ever start, I know I can never leave a drop of alcohol behind. It doesn’t matter if the bottle is half empty or half full. The fact that there is anything in the bottle at all means I had to drink it. I used to maintain a constant level of out of my head drunk. Drank all day everyday. If I even felt the least bit sober, it was time to grab for something again. I am so glad I’ve been sober for four years.

fair play for quitting and staying away from the drink so long, it has ruined many of man, great self achivement

Thanks for that. It’s slightly easier every day. Just like a lot of things in life recently. :smile:

i try and walk as much as possible, just in general like shopping (its amazing how much exercise you can do shopping) lol and when i am in college i take the stairs mostly,

I started eating very healthy back in January and doing a lot of regular pace walking. Lost about 70 pounds.

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wow, i am impressed with everyones’ routine , good on you guys’.
take care

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I try to at least go up the mountain trail & hike 4 times a week.

Buy a video game and finish it…soo good feeling, it takes usually two weeks.

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You’ve blown me away with your individual exercise regimes. I’ve just moved from the city to the rural countryside last week. I really need to get motivated to go out walking. I have an iPod, so there’s no excuse not to. Maybe it would help with the med-induced drowsiness and help stabilise my mood.

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