Exercise and intrusive thoughts

Since I started routine exercise, my intrusive thoughts are back.

What is the solution?

??? Exercise is supposed to be good for MI.

It’s making me high so my intrusive thoughts are back. I am feeling better with more positive energy but my intrusive thoughts are back too.

I have doc’s appointment soon, I will ask him to get on a mood stabiliser.

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I try to exercise and I have found out that it is good for me, instead of me sitting on a chair and having all kinds of thoughts I can now focus on my exercise routines, I have discovered that the bicycle riding even in winter is quite good.


I love exercising too but I cannot escape these thoughts. They’re ruining my life.

It is good that you have a doc’s appointment soon, you can tell s/he about your thoughts and other problems.

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Do you listen to music while you exercise?

I listen to upbeat music while I peddle a recumbent stationary bike.


Do slow and easy exercises like a long walk so your mind doesn’t get too excited. Cardio like swimming, bike riding, walking is best

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What I did with my OCD intrusive thoughts wad not being bothered by it, regonize it as it is and don’t blame yourself it

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This was what I was afraid of hallucinations while working out. Cus I believe dopamine levels rise when you exercise.

maybe youre dehydrated and lost a lot of water weight

I’m starting to love food which isn’t good for me. I’m afraid of exercise cud of the coincidences.

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