Exercise and health section? I think it's a good encourager

I constantly think that we need a section for it because so many concerns are about exercise, weight loss, hygiene, ect.

I myself want to keep y’all updated on how awesome my hook punches and one legged squats are.

Wellness category

That’s what it should be called


i would use that category.

I would too 151515

Mouse i think i read you jog, does that mess with ur joints? i use the bike cuz i screwed up all my joints weightlifting. <probably incorrectly

I use the bike and jog a bit on treadmill. Strength training I have no interest in anymore. I feel like it is torturous. I actually hate doing cardio now too, but I worry about my heart.

The thing about jogging is what surface you jog on and what shoes you wear. Grass is healthiest, track is second, asphalt is third. Concrete will ■■■■ your knees up.

Running shoes!

I once took 5 or six solid jabs to the face before I went down. lol.

I’m actually a kicker though, idk why I was trying to fist fight the guy.

Side kicks- sliding side kicks- hopping side kicks, round kicks- and I have a really nasty tornado kick and 360 back kick/ hook kick… Jumping straight kick I can hit the face on a tall person but I’d usually just go for the chest…

I also use elbows and body slams a lot… I dont punch unless the person is a total wuss.

However there’s a reason I have to be like that… I can’t grapple for poop and I’m probably lighter weight than most people— If I ever end up on the ground and I don’t get up right away I’m DONE! DONE!!! lol.

Like someone as muscular as you I would prolly just run away honestly.

SHIN SPLINTS!!! The worst pain ever. My track coach always said run on grass if ever possible. Sand is also an amazing surface to run on.

This would be a great idea knowing the many benefits of exercise on the mind and body.

I’d use it. I’ve gained a bit of weight I want to lose…