Execution of Mentally Ill Inmate Set For Wednesday: Tried to Call Jesus As Witness



this poor poor man…

This is a precedent that could be a slippery slope. Very scared. But just even more reason to never go to Texas. That is one scary state.


Cruel and unusual. I read it and he has obvious schizophrenia.


I really can`t stand it anymore…


Wow, more ■■■■■■ up ■■■■. I am caught totally by surprise here. I just wasn’t expecting more screwed up earthen ■■■■■■■■ at all.

Truly an evil framework this place. And it never fails either. It is a design of pure wrong, suffering, sorrow, fear, anger.

They can’t find him guilty for these murders. But people have to protect themselves. If there was a rabid rottweiler running around biting children what must you do? It isn’t guilty, it’s not a bad dog, it’s just sick. But people must protect themselves and if there are violent insane offenders what are they supposed to do exactly?

If i was out there running around hurting people and it was due to being insane i wouldn’t be guilty but they would probably have to put me down.

I also want to hear more about this possessed furniture. As a person who is not alone and have them in my mind i know it can make you say some messed up things. It is actually quite possible he saw some furniture move around by itself.


Just be careful what you read there, Pete Earley wrote that article.


@Skims What do you mean by that?


You don’t want to be mentally ill in Texas. They kill 400% more people via executions than the next closest state:


NAMI is grateful to the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for staying tonight’s scheduled execution of Scott Panetti, a man who has lived with severe schizophrenia for more than 30 years. The delusions and severe symptoms Mr. Panetti experiences every day have been unremitting since before his crime and have impacted profoundly on the course of this case.


There is a petition that I signed.


I signed the petition. I don’t think he should be executed. I honestly think that the death penalty would be reserved for the serial killers and extremely dangerous and violent. I read that his estranged wife even may have expressed that she didn’t want him executed. He killed her parents but she still thinks it’s wrong for him to be killed for it. That’s because he wasn’t aware he was doing it, he was ill. That doesn’t excuse these actions, but he’ll be in prison for life or in a hospital and the trial was a complete sham. I’m starting to think the death penalty should be abolished.

I think the death penalty probably scares a lot of criminals though so I’m kind of undecided, irregardless it would be unjust to execute someone who is not faking insanity.