Excuse me, but I must move my body to the extreme


The all look soooo good. Man, the 60’s were oh so different.

My first girl friend was a lovely black gal. I miss her.

Some day we will be together again !

After all, there ain’t no mountain high enough to stop us.

Isn’t she cute.

I love her 60’s eyelashes.

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Brings back memories. I was in grade school and junior high during that time.

I was wondering what happened to Don Cornelius (Soul Train host), so I checked only to find out that he committed suicide a few years ago. RIP.


That is so sad.

It comes back to that saying, that no good deed goes unpunished. I hope these are not God’s words.



I think a lot of people look at celebrities as having the best life, but many suffer in silence for years.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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No more death and sickness.


Never the less, we will not give up.

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We will rise up:

The key is to actual actually rise up, rather than an intense expression of it.

I have seen the all. To say, and to do, are too different things.

Let’s do.

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Getting back to first video, WOW I love it.

I’m glad my speakers give good base.

I will love you tomorrow. You sweet girls you.

Yes, I will be your baby.

"Excuse me, but I must move my body to the extreme"
excuse me, but i must sing my songs to the mountains

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Push this schizophrenia aside, and see the importance of man and woman.

I am looking for my girl. Has anybody seen her ?