Excited to learn German and a question

I’m teaching myself and it’s gonna be fun.

I’m buying a beginners German book.

And a novel, probably Harry Potter.!

Idk thou, it’s a little triggering to read that novel. I really dunno what to read. I’ll have a look

It’s good to be bilingual

This could be my career path. As I don’t want to forever be a cleaner.

After two weeks I’ll feel better to do this more.

I’m feeling bit bad atm feeling so overweight. I give it 2 weeks.

Nothing wrong with people being overweight but it just doesn’t suit me personally. It makes me feel really… Down motivation wise. Idk how to defeat that? I hate feeling my thighs rubbing against each other for example it makes me feel not good. How to be OK with being big??even if just big temporarily.


I used to be obese. I had a lot more strength and the padding made me not feel everything so harshly. There are a lot of good qualities about being overweight. And, always well fed, I didn’t get into bad moods.

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What are some of those other lots of good qualities in being big?

Keep in mind I’m hoping to loose weight, so meaning I would eat less than I have been.

I feel I have less strength. Dragging all the weight around. And the sugar come downs from eating more

But honestly I don’t think it matters if others are slim or big.

It’s just for me personally, I find it hard to see the positives when I’m big personally

I wasn’t depressed about it. Maybe that means you’re in a different category. But I had friends who accepted me as is. Only my mother was a nag.

That’s good you weren’t depressed about it.

I’m already beginning to feel better about it sharing on this forum.

Opening up helps.

Thanks Pretzel

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Why study German if i may ask?

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I like Germany. It is my roots. I want to study the culture and stuff too a little bit.

My parents would be so happy to speak with them in German.

A career where it could be useful as a possibility to be bilingual.

Etc. :slight_smile:

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Ive learned a tiny bit of german. Just like introductions and the like. Hectic sounding language haha

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Lol yea it sounds crazy sometimes then some people can make it sound so beautiful too.

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I would advise against reading harry potter especially if it’s triggering

Maybe try looking up popular German novels and see if any seem interesting to you?? maybe even try German audio books so you can hear the proper pronunciation and such.

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Ooh that’s a solid idea. Yes I was heading in that direction of a different German book. I shall research it. I think I’m quite good with pronunciation but I guess audio would still be cool!! Thanks @Noise

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You could try reading the German classic Max und Moritz by Wilhelm Busch. It’s comprised of rhyming text with cartoon drawings. It’s been translated into many languages including English.

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Thanks Moonbeam, I appreciate that. Will look it up and see

Cool, i also speak/understand German. When u know English it aint that heard to learn

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You can get it in electronic format for free from Project Gutenberg which offers books that are in the public domain in the USA for free. Project Gutenberg also has some free audio recordings made by native German speakers reading the book.

Home page for Project Gutenberg here:

E-book formats here:

Audio recordings here:

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Oh okay that’s nice. So you studied German to learn it?

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I understand a bit German because I’m a native Dutch Speaker.

I have studied several languages and my experience is that nothing beats a face to face language class with real interaction. That would be my advice.

If you find them too expensive maybe you could ask one of your parents to tutor you.


Yes i had it my whole high school time and also when i did international business. I picked it up pretty quickly because when i was young i used to watch German Television

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Guten tag. Varum bist du zo traurig ? Ich bin ein trauriger Gigolo. Auf weiderzehn. Only German things I remember.

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