Excited about trying new supplement

Well, new to me that is.

The supplement I have in mind is pregnenolone. My motive for taking it is to try and improve sleep which olanzapine has messed up by giving me insomnia. Apart from possibly helping with sleep it can also possibly relieve some symptoms of schizoprenia which is a bonus.

I will be starting out at a low dose of 10mg daily and probably stay there. I have the impression that less is more when it comes to this supplement.

Improved sleep, better thought processes, and more energy (biobalancehealth.com)

Be careful. It’s a neurosteroid or something.

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Yes, it’s perscription drug over here.

It can be dosed up to 100mg daily, maybe even more, but I read some reviews that weren’t partial to high doses. But 10mg daily should be pretty safe and read some good reviews about that dosage. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

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