Example of a System Where You Are Paid Approximately the Same No Matter What You Do in the US

If you are on SSI or SSDI you are limited in what you can earn no matter what you do and can be kicked off of your health insurance for earning more. In other words there’s no real incentive to work. How does that appeal to you Socialists out there?

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Not at all because that’s not socialism.


How does that differ from Socialism?

Keeping an eye on this. Talking about shortcomings in SSI/SSDI is very relevant, but please let’s keep it focused on what folks need and what they aren’t getting. Proper support for the disabled should be a topic that transcends political leanings.

I came off of SSDi a couple years ago. I still have Medicare but I have to pay the part b payment every month.

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Education is an example of a necessity yet I remember from visiting one of my nieces who went to a private school that the lockers had combination locks already on them, (one of my lockers in highschool had the handle nearly torn off.) and all new good looking books (the books when I was growing up were old as crap.). My other nieces who went to a suburban school had personal computers from grades 7th through 12th. (they don’t exist as far as I know in the local public school system.) The local public schools which was where my kids that I never had (unless my wife I never had was rich) would likely have gone too are in poor shape in crime ridden neighborhoods and rank low in state testing. If schooling is a right than that matters with SSI, and SSDI in the US. Do the kids in your country all go to the same schools?

The imbalance in the american education system is something i could write a whole essay on. In my time working as an educator, i made less than I did when i quit to be a cashier. And on top of that, i spent a significant portion of my own paycheck to provide food and school supplies that the government didn’t give us the money for. Almost every teacher i know does that. Teachers are expected to work past school hours to grade papers and prepare lessons, but are only paid for the scheduled school hours. As a kid, I had the same history textbook my father had (with his signature in the sign-out page and everything). There is SO much wrong with our education system.

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Transportation is another big issue. I can’t drive period but even if I could I would be limited by SSI in the type of car I could buy. It would likely be a lemon that cost more to fix than to buy. In my state only the big cities have good public transportation systems and they are limited in general to the city limits or “necessary” places like doctor’s offices and pharmacies. The inability to drive alone is not a disability where I live but many people in surrounding counties would have to move in order to work period because the transportation is simply not there. Being on SSI limits what you can drive and how far you can go.

I liked your post because you write of which you have had experience.

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