Exactly 7 minutes and 30 seconds of fame to go

My seven minutes of fame: I was at the beach in my mid thirties with family and their friends. We played volleyball in the sand and afterward I noticed a crowd had gathered around the big cement stage on the beach. I was curious and went to check it out.

Turns out there was going to be an amateur arm-wrestling competition. Anyone could enter and I was working unloading trucks at the time and I figured I was pretty strong so I entered. The officials gathered us contestants and explained the format and we waited backstage in line.

It was finally my turn. I walked out to the middle of the stage. There was a table and a referee. I stood at the table and faced my opponent and we locked hands and the referee covered both our hands and on the count of 5 he let go and we wrestled. I lasted several seconds but the other guy won. It was the best of two out of three and I lost the second bout too. I really wanted to win but: oh well.

I walked off to a smattering of applause and backstage they gave me a t-shirt. It was like seven minutes onstage.
Later, I went to play volleyball and set my shirt down in the sand and afterwards I went to get it but someone had stolen it.


That’s life in these united states.

Well, at least you’ve got the story to tell.

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that’s a nice story =D
sounds like a pretty good day i think

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