Ex Friends Tried to Rob Me Yesterday

I’m usually shrugged off when I read into the messages from the world around me. I wanted to go to the cabin for New Years with my father, but something was telling me to stay, and I listened to my inner voice. I told a friend I was leaving, when at the last minute after shopping with my dad I decided to stay home. Later on in the day a girl knocked on the door and asked me for pills (she said she’d heard I was on adderall). I’ve told these people never to come to my house. This is my family’s house. I’ve reported them to the police as well, for stealing an expensive laptop and my friend’s movies. The gullible friend who probably told them I was leaving for the cabin. I also told my boyfriend that no one was at the house but me. So I was with my boyfriend when it happened, and they came back 15 minutes later, and said that someone in the car wanted to talk to me. The person behind the door I know does Heroin and I was suspicious because he could have had a weapon. I was very freaked out so I didn’t open the door and said I was calling the cops.

Then I called my brother who was out on New Years at a friend’s and tried to tell him the situation. Also, my dad’s bank account was hacked the night before. He said that it could have been anyone. But I knew exactly who it was. Ex friends turned asshat junkies, who will doing anything for a buzz or a thrill. My brother told me not to call my dad, but I don’t even have his number. I came home when my mom was the only one there, and the girl answered the door from inside then shut it on me and hid. I could’ve sworn it was her. This whole experience has really scared me. So is this me being paranoid? When they have a history of stealing things like my laptop? There was also a gas leak at my boyfriend’s house. I’m home now, but I’m a bit on edge.

I don’t see this a paranoid. You’re physically missing stuff. Your 100% correct in thinking they could have a weapon or something. Staying physically safe is a smart thing to do.

Drug users are people users too. So I hate to say it, but if they are in the thick of addiction, you know they will do what they can to get a fix. I hate to think of what I did to friends and family in the middle of my addictions. I lost a lot of friends until I got clean, sober and stable.

You have every right to be scared. It’s hard when we think strangers are after us, it feels even worse when it’s someone we know. You did good getting home and staying safe. Does your Dad know his account is hacked into so he can make sure he doesn’t get cleaned out? Hopefully his bank has card protection.


Yeah my dad knows his account was hacked online because someone tried to guess his password and it blocked anyone out, including my dad. They lock the accounts if someone tries to guess someone’s password 3 times and fails. My dad is currently still at the cabin, and I don’t think they were able to access his funds or anything because he called the bank.

I haven’t told him about these people showing up yet until he comes home. Plus I don’t have the number for the cabin which is out of cellphone range. Everything is fine at home though, nothing was taken to my knowledge. I also locked my dad’s room just in case.

The computer was stolen months ago, and I got it back but that was the person who was in the car who wanted to talk to me. I’m going to tell my dad what happened when he gets back from his vacation but I don’t want to ruin it for him, he hates these people and knows that they are manipulative junkies. He would be so upset if he found out he’d report it immediately and flip out too cuz he’s trying to quit smoking.

Thanks for letting me know I did the right thing. You never know what someone is up to.

I’m glad your going to tell your Dad. I hate to see people go to jail, but they are manipulative, and they are not helping your health or your safety. He might report them not because he’s mad at them for taking a few items, he might report them to help you get the message out loud and clear to stay away, leave you alone and don’t threaten your safety. Some people just don’t understand subtle…

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Terrifying, terrible.

Reminds me of my first few minutes of psychosis the first time when i saw how truly shytty this world was and could be and was going to be, i saw people also.

Im trapped living with people like that actually, for now anyway.

Seven billion of us, every last one is all alone, not a friend in the bunch.


That’s interesting to consider.