Ex-beach bum

My friends, friend called us that. Its a compliment. We used to go to the beach two or three times a week. We worked on our tans and drank beer and went swimming. We always talked about picking fights with strangers and picking up girls. We were successful with neither. But our favorite beach was a topless beach. Being teenagers, it was awesome when the girls took off the top of their bikinis. Ah, good memories.


i’d love that nick haha, i couldn’t go topless now though bc no-one would ever look at me lol

Lot’s of beaches up here… but too cold for girls to go topless… :anguished:

Yeah, we have some great beaches here. The water was not as warm as L.A. but it was bearable. Hey, didn’t you say that you visited Santa Cruz before? I think you said that a long time ago.

Yep… I have some family in San Leandro… they took me to Santa Cruz…

I think I remember a boardwalk… it was fun…

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Ah, the golden memories of youth. You’ve made me realize mine wasn’t all bad.

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That’s good. Now you owe me a favor.