Evolution of delusions

When i had my first breakdown 7 years ago i had just quit my work , was smoking weeds heavily and during asctual beginning stages told my friend i had cheated on her.
My family were on holiday.
I had been suspicous at work.
Paramedics were called and police arrived.
I ran away from hospital and remember speciffically thinking i was jason bourne which i find quite funny now.
I feel like since then theyve been trying to disrupt my thought processes.
My main delusion now is that im in the matrix.

So i geuss theres a powerful effect of movies that can form the basis for mental illness or thats one way of puttin it.

I found something similar with me, except it was my interest in conspiracy theories, not movies, that formed the basis for my psychotic experiences. It helps that I don’t believe conspiracy theories anymore.

My main delusion is trumanomatrix too

My first psychosis was very close to just reliving trauma in a metaphoric way. In the years all sorts of experiences, especially movies and books and things i read on the internet, but also traumatic experiences, entered the “story line” of my psychoses.

I once started a fight with a stranger with the intention of losing. delusion based fight club theme