Evolution and eating meat

think about it, we’re not faster than our prey. we had to develop tools to trap, hunt and fish, then when you catch the animal you need tools to process them and cook them. it seems like a lot of work. i believe we are supposed to be foraging fruit and greens as our natural diet, but that is just me. i don’t seem to be naturally equipped to eat meat without all the modern technology and conveniences.


Humans have always eaten meat. People would have been sick and diseased if all they ate was veggies back then, especially without knowing about nutritional information, like zinc, iron and b12 etc etc.

Nowadays we have internet knowledge but back then it was suitable to have meat as a primary source of nutrients and protein.


The domestication of certain animals such as cattle, chicken and pigs allowed humans to keep their sources of meat close to their dwellings. Skinning the animal and gutting the animal’s internal organs so that the fresh meat can be cooked and eaten has been a tradition passed on from human generation to generation. Only is the past 70 years in North America have humans fried their meat in lard cooking oil while baking and steaming meat still sometimes continue.


Evolution. And Education. An Odd Sense Of Looking At Evidence From Our Long Ago Past.

I Honestly Don’t Truly Believe In Evolution Within The Sense Of Living Being Structures.

More So Psychological Evolution. But!, That’s A Completely Different Story Altogether.

I Mean One Could Use Propaganda And The Use For It, Those Who Were In A Trance, And Those Who Weren’t. Hmm…, Come To Think Of It, I Might Have To Call @ZombieMombie On Thus One. Jus Kidding. I Know That Zombies Only Exist In Graveyards At 3:00am.

Kidding…, :slight_smile:

Point Is, , ,

Eating Meat. Innocent Animals, That Have Nothing To Do With Our Internal Hunger And Thirst For Blood. For Whatever Painstaking Reason. Is Immoral. And Unjustified.

But!, Thaz Jus Me.

Fruits And Vegetables Would Work Jus Fine I’m Sure. But!, Maybe I’m Missing Something.

I’ve Never Been One To Have Been Thought Of As Anyone With Any Real Scientific Knowledge About Anything Really. I Jus…, Well…, As You Say @Lifer, ‘Roll With The Punches’. Sometimes It’s The Safest Route To Go.

But!, On The Subject Of Eating Meat. Unless A Ferociously Wild Creature Is Trying To Rip You Limb From Limb Violently In Your Sleeping Bag Out In The Wilderness Somewhere. . .

I Don’t Really See Why Anyone Would Really Want To Eat The Crazy Wolf Or Bear.

Jus My Two Cents. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!. . . . . . .

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