Evil Damn liars

I wasted my whole life trying to get away from sick idiots. Now its these evil damn liars, who think they turn into a saint, every time they lie about someone. They know why they’re lying. They’re abusive idiots who have to get away with ■■■■, to get what they want. They’re trying to come off as a saint, being abusive. They know they were born abusive, and its an excuse. They’ve been helping the sick stalkers, I wanted to get away from, stalk me for years, then have the nerve to accuse me of all the things they do. They think their petty ■■■■ is so damn important. They don’t want people to know, they try to turn people into slaves, by all the illegal things they do to them.


They all claim they have excuses. They don’t have excuses, they have lies.

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Like when they insinuate everyone’s as stupid as they are, and would do things, they would do.

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What’s really funny, is to read it a few days later.

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