Everything wrong with

I’ve been watching too much cinema sins…so sorry for sinning stuff but this is why lol…


Wow out of all the Utter Crap movies, you picked a Children’s movie. That’s like drugging your opponent before stepping into the ring with him.

e(Y)e Can’t Evn Watch it Yo … ,


e(Y)e Love tha LION KING … … …

Lol to be fair I was going to post everything wrong with the original aliens movie…but I thought the lion king would appeal to a larger demographic…


To Repair tha Saddness … ,

Here Yo Yo’s … ,



(don’t worry be happi) - (BOB MARLEY) - (don’t worri be happy)

Bouncer’s Sometimes Get Confused Yo Yo’s , , ,

Keeps it Cool’s (!!!)

BLARGH (!!!)

@MoeFaux there lol this is a more fair movie to sin

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I enjoy those everything wrong with cinema sins videos. They almost always make me laugh. Thanks flameoftherhine.

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