Everything sux ATM

I dont even feel depressed i just feel empty !!

Lonely, lost and what the point ffs !!

Whether i achieve greatness or not, it doesnt fuggen matter !!

I feel like dying !

I just feel like everything is going to come crashing down on me soon !!

I feel the same way. Not depressed just what’s the freaking point. It’s always gonna be the same why do I try. To sustain I guess. Maybe not prosper. But I’m bored by this. Peace wallafish it’ll get better for both of us

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Thanks man i hope so !!!

I fell empty and like everything’s meaningless so why even try? I mean I’m just gonna end up dying someday and then I’ll lose everything I worked for so it seems like what’s the point? I’m not even sure I’ll have a wife and kids to leave my stuff to. I just try to get by day to day.

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