Everything is real

everything is real = for something to exist or be known about - it must then be real.

lets keep the progress up!

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Nice user name…i like it…

thnx i like the fantasy/sci fi genres

Sometimes I don’t know if I exist or not. How can I tell?

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What about if the entire universe we are in right now is just a complex program with certain rules ie. gravity electrical force etc. And this program is one of millions or billions of similar programs running inside an alien computer? One alien CPU could run millions or billions of simulations simultaneously?

Maybe there’s no way to really tell. There were times where I thought feeling pain meant that I was real, that I existed, but that’s a destructive way of deciding. So maybe you just have to believe that you exist, and that’ll be enough to make it real.

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“I think, therefore I am”.


What u mean that everything is real?