Everything is my fault apparently

My stupid ■■■■■■■ dad decided to ■■■■■■■ hell at me because he’s pissed of that our tv price went up and there’s nothing on, which is APPARENTLY MY FAULT, because I don’t have a ■■■■■■■ solution to his problem.

Also apparently it’s my fault he can’t connect his stupid tablet to the internet??!?!?!?!

Apparently it’s also my fault that we have no money and it’s my fault that he can’t be happy in life whoop dee ■■■■■■■ do

So if you have stupid problems you want to blame someone for just blame me apparently

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I just painted my nails yesterday and they’re already chipping. What the everloving ■■■■, Noise? How could you let this happen?


It’s not your fault @Noise! You know it


I’m sorry your dads being a dick


Yeah when there is a problem in our family, I automatically become the scapegoat.
I know your pain @Noise.


I’m just so sick of trying to help and still getting treated like this

Every time he gets mad at something I take the blame I hate it


I’m not around my dad much anymore, but he lets me know what he thinks of me every time I’m around with mean comments and just this ever-present disapproval of anything I say.
I’m the only one who isn’t still getting wasted on a regular basis, but in his eyes I’ll always be the druggie "who blew his own mind and now takes welfare checks."
Quite often, people with sz or sza end up taking on the role of the scapegoat for their family.
It sucks that you are being forced to deal with this @Noise. I know it doesn’t help anything, but you are not alone. Keep working on solutions and try not to let them drag you down. You can beat this illness with or without their help.


This made me lollllllllllllllllll

@Noise sorry about ur dad, some people are just difficult. I wish I had good advice about it…I don’t have contact with my dad…


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