Everything is going wrong!

a couple of weeks ago I went shopping for beds as we need new ones due to moving. So I saw one which cost £999 and I went for it. And yes I feel guilty about it now. We didn’t buy one but three. You can get beds for £300 but I do not know what I was thinking.

Also, yesterday all of a sudden I went crazy. I snapped at mum told her she ruined my life. Actually I don’t even have a life. Nothing to live for. Everyone will be happy if I were dead. I was crying for two hours. And you know why I snapped? It’s because I wanted a pet and she isn’t happy about it.

To be fair it’s true it will end up neglected but I’m not thinking rationally. She thinks I’m getting too much stuff one after another.

If you want. See if you can take the beds back. It’s why you get into the habit of keeping receipts. There may be a minor cost for pulling out of the deal on beds though. So read the small print on the receipt.

As for the rest sounds like it maybe worth calling your pdoc. I can’t remember if you’re seeing one or not though. Your tdoc might give you some advice also. Write down what you remember of the mood shifts as well. Time, How you were feeling, What was happening around the time of those feelings and give to your mental health team. If you don’t keep a mood journal it might be worth keeping one and are available all over the net. Apps are also available and easier to use. Same thing really as what I said to give to your team just in an easier way to write it all down.