Everything is a variation. Use positive to solve negative. Goodbye (for real)

Everything is a variation. Use positive to solve negative. Goodbye (for real).

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Are you leaving the forum,@anon93437440?

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yes, completely, never to be back, I was here accidentally … actually I made the topic and left, but browsing history accidentally brought me here

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You are teasing us now. All that interest and you want no replies.

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@anon93437440 I love you dearly.

Everything is a variation.

Use positive to solve negative.

We are randomly born, initially.

Sometimes we seek specifics, more often when winning becomes too important.

Why win?

Why don’t we just survive and continue the journey?

Living is winning.

@chordy @Chess24 @far_cry0


CEREBROLYSIN Works. Anti-psychotics gave me depression. Necessary damage?

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Sagar which med are u on…???

Maybe none he’s on

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@Jonnybegood arent u sleeping yet …what time iz it…??

1:37 AM. I just woke up from sleep. My schedule is messed. I slept from 7-1. I will sleep again in a few hours.

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When do u take ur medicine at …??? In the night or in the morning…

every morning :wink:

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Brilliant Sagar Gorijala! Love it!! @anon93437440

Good bye, way12go!
See you next week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hugs:


Everything is not a variation. There are fundamental constants in nature, like gravity or the speed of light.

Physical constants are believed to be constant. They are not known to be constant, simply because the absence of proof for something is not proof against it. It is possible that they are not constant.

Mathematical constants, on the other hand, are pretty much set in stone.

This Wikipedia article is about the possibility of physical constants changing over time. It doesn’t really get into the philosophical part of how testable the hypotheses about constants really are, though. In the end, it probably doesn’t matter that much. It would be enough to prove that they are at least extremely unlikely to change in ways that we can measure.

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Guys I am taking CEREBROLYSIN injections and not taking Antipsychotics and I am eating very very less food and only good food. Four Chicken eggs—omelte everyday and my health is improving everyday. I stopped taking antipsychotics. I realized four chicken eggs solve my memory problems + Cerebrolysin.

CEREBROLYSIN + Chicken eggs + very very less good food – no antipsychotics is the solution.

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Antipsychotics is the solution for me :wink: