Everything is a test

this is something that has helped me a lot,

i treat everything as a test,

something goes wrong i am being tested, bad thoughts are a test.

i believe someone is testing me to see how i deal with things, it could be anyone or anything.
the harder the test is the harder i want to overcome and pass the test.

idk if this works for anyone else, maybe it is just a skill i have built up that is unique to me but i tell you it works for me and i am so gad that it does because i have been tested a lot recently and i have gotten through and passed those tests, there was one time that i thought i would fail but i was able to last longer without losing my nerve which gave me more time to pass and ultimately achieve my goal.

its a good way of dealing with things for me personally and i just wanted to share this with you,


I think that way to. Esp when I’m in the mood to consider the idea of god

well idk if god has anything to do with it bc i dont think to myself ‘oh i’m being tested by god now’ when it happens i just treat it as something that has been put before me that i need to overcome somehow,

idk who has put it before me or why i just tell myself it is a test and its something that i need to fight in order to pass whatever is in front of me to achieve or overcome whatever it is.

I think this life is a test to see if you are going to do the right thing (for humanity-not god) and if you are agreeable, and "fit well in the next community, you will be accepted. If not you get to try again.
Makes sense when you think about it, we can literally do anything we want…but should we?

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@Resilient1 - This is a positive way of dealing with life in general, its being optimistic, I like that


It is a good way of dealing with life. In my religion (Islam) we are taught everything in life - good or bad - is given to us as a test. Makes sense.

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the first real test was in the garden of eden when the forbidden fruit was eaten from the tree of knowledge (if you believe that kind of stuff) too bad they failed that test thanks to ‘you know who’ lol

sorry for resurrecting this thread its just that i am being tested a lot recently and it is really hard to keep on top of things when you are being tested so much,

i am keeping on top of things just now but just hoping it doesn’t get any worse,

i was proud of how i handled today, i think i was at my limit a few times but i soldiered on, its great when you think you can’t do anymore but then you power home and end up coming out winning.

still have a few lingering thoughts that i am trying to fight off though so the fight will continue, i shall tell my counsellor about it but idk how she can help, its more feelings than thoughts maybe mixed in with a bit of paranoia