Everything Feels wrong, Hearing Voices - Your suggestions?

Today av been at my hearing voices group i managed to stay in there for the whole hour
normally i leave half way because of my thoughts and voices telling me to hit people
My husband was there with me i dont think i could have done it on my own too many people for me
My voices are really loud the devil and demons are telling me to kill myself
my husband dont believe that there the devil and demons that are telling me to do this
i have to do what they say or something bad will happen to my family
My husband says it not true and i feel confused …
everything feels wrong

Don’t listen to the voices - they are wrong. Your husband is right - listen to him. The voices have been wrong before and are wrong here also.


am listening to my husband
I know am ill
Am listening to music Christian Rock and praying that the demons and the devil leave me alone

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Would trying to make yourself feel physically safe and secure help? Things like wrapping yourself up in a cuddly blanket or holding on to a teddy or stuff animal. I know I miss my recover teddy. His name was patches cause he had patches. But I used to hold him a lot.

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yes i have a bunny that i like to cuddle it helps me to feel safe when i hold on o it
I go to bed with it i can get a blanket too

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sorry to hear that.

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Hi there its very difficult to go to groups like that its a huge accomplishment to go dont worry about leaving half way through theyll understand try again next week hugsx


dandydinmot is right. That was a big accomplishment. :heart:

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Thank you
There is some new voices that am hearing and seeing
there is Hannah she is very nice told the other voices to stop it and they did
She managed to calm me down today when i was on the buses and i think she is genially helpful
Adam and Arwin there twins …some times there mean and sometimes there nice Arwin is the nice most of the time

My husband calls them visual hallucinations but i like to call them by name
its easier that way

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I have been guided in my behavior by auditories before, and I really regret it. I was asocial and only left the house to go to class half as often as I was supposed to or to the gym to get rid of my crazed feeling, I was angry at life for making me live in a nightmare. But I had one friend who I hungout with quite often.

Find PEOPLE, REAL FRIENDS, LIKE YOUR HUSBAND and BE OPEN to them. This illness is easier to live with in the company of those who understand what you experience. I have good friends, one in particular who completely understood me and he helped me through my darkest times. I tested highly for suicidal idealization and I think that friendship kept me from calling it quits on life.

But keep hope for recovery, try tirelessly to find the right meds (this requires a good pdoc, I would make investing in one your highest priority) and cling to whoever is there for you. It’s less of a nightmare when someone grounded in reality is by your side, observing you and making sure you are OK.

It’s ok to cling to people who support you when you’re at your worst. True friends will be there for you. I am not clingy now that I am recovered and on meds that really work, but I was when I was suffering. Just having a sound mind to counter mine’s insanity seemed to help me a whole lot.

Remember that it’s all in your head and that you write your own story. Keeping this in mind was difficult, as my delusions went against this mantra, but I held on to this and now I can say that I made it!


i call mine by their names too, so you aint alone on that one

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all my voices have names too. don;t know some of them but most i recognise but i don’t visually hallucinate so they r just voices inside my head