Everything came crashing down today

Ive onlu been at work a week. I can’t take a break and it would have been fine but life hit like a freight train. I probably seem worse on here cause I post at night during my worst times awhen my family is sleeping because thats when I can be in a not great place safely. Once morning comes I’m back to my capable dwlf because thats what I have to do.

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I respect you for that!
I’m not. Wish I was.

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Just so you know advice like “get your ■■■■ together” isnt actually advice. Its condescending aand degrading. In very certain situations it can be used but only with people whom you know and circumstances thay you fully understand.

You can stop now.

You don’t want me to get real honest with you.

Just relax.


I’m just a person on the internet.

I dont always feel like it but I really do try my hardest for my son and husband. Thats why everything hit tonight because I don’t have to be up for work in the morning. I’m allowed to be sad and upset without other obligations on top. Exception being my son of course.

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The same can be said for me so why do you feel the need to try to lecture me?

You asked the question.

I am confused. Asked what question exactly? In my original post I never asked a question and in my previous reply I did ask a question but you didnt actually answer.

So you just wanted a pity party?

I don’t care to continue with this.

It’s worth saying again, you need a break.

That’s all.

I wanted a place to vent because as you have said multiple times in my real life I need to have my ■■■■ together. I didnt ask for a pity party and frankly I dont think I received one. I thought this was a forum for support yet when I have an issue you try to say that basically I shouldnt have an issue that I should be perfectly fine because thats how Im supposed to be.

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No one else knows what you are going trough, people can just assume, sometimes they might be wrong.
Venting is ok and sometimes that’s all we can do. Deep inside we all know no one else will solve our situations, but when life hits, it hurts. It is hard to say what hurts most, the hit, or the after pain. Or the trauma that’s left behind. Looks like an traumatic event would always be there, lingering, stirring up emotions, and fear about the future.
I wish there was something anyone could do, so you feel safe. Safe for yourself, safe for your child. Sò sorry you lost a sense of security, even thou fragile, was still there as some sort of back up plan.

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I yield.

You win.

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I’m sorry if my tone towards you came off as abrasive I promise I wasn’t meaning for it to come off that way. I’m making steps towatds bettering myself and moving past everything though I’m aware I dont always go about this the right way, I dothinn that coming onhere and venting helps. Even if no one responds. It just helps me get it out so its not stuck inside.


Your welcome here as much as you want, just like everyone else
Not everyone says the best advice always but i think intentions are good
Hope you have a nice day


You know, maybe some advice is harsher than you want. That’s the nature of the internet. Disregard what you don’t want to utilize. Having a huge argument over it helps no one.

As a mother, we don’t get time off and for our kids, we need to keep a strong front. Kids deserve that much. That’s not right or fair, but that is how it is.

@NeoPolitan02 Gosh, your post made me cry. I’m so sorry about your cousin. You can honor his memory by telling your son stories about him, talk about him here or with people who are close to you. His memory never has to end.
And I understand coming to vent here. I’ve done my share. I only have a few people in my life so I sometimes bring my woes here so I don’t have to burden my loved ones with things they don’t fully understand. We are here for each other.

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I went in the ward voluntarely. Even thou a year before I was in the ward i had no simptoms, no delusion, no halucinations. First thing they did was to give me haladol injection. I was so upset, I did not want to talk to them.
But even at my first hospitalisation I talked to them about a punch in the head I got on the street in 2018. I remember that was some sort of a trigger. And I was very upset by it.
So when you mention PTSD, it kinda made sense. I have no halucinations.

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@Davincii have you had a brain scan when you were punched in head

I had a brain scan @Ducky, but from what I found out later the doctor has to be very knowledgeble in order to see if something is wrong.
The ER did a quick check, but obviously was not enough.
What was worse, even thou I felt I needed psycological consulting,it just did not happend.

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