Everyone is ashamed of me

I can’t help but think people don’t like to be seen with me in public. my parents always left me alone and just went shopping by themselves. my in laws are the same. the inlaws and my partner never take me anywhere. they are ashamed of me.

my partner gets paid tomorrow and will blow money with her step mom instead of buying stuff we need. their whole family is irresponsible with money maybe even worse than I am. they don’t like to take me with. they have left the house multiple times and can freely but I don’t get out unless a Medicaid cab is taking me to a doctor appointment.


Have you told your partner that you feel that she’s ashamed to be with you in public? If not, you really need to have that conversation.


I tried earlier and she just got mad at me and said its not up to her its her mom.

Its not ez being sz. I have hard life, it’s reading posts like these that makes me see that we all have big burdens to bear

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It might help to talk to them about it.
Maybe they are not ashamed of you but proud.

Your partner chose you to be her partner.
Remember that!:heart:

Even if they are/we’re ashamed then thatzzz with them and does not make them right.

The thing is you being proud of you.:blush:

My mum has openly been embarrassed of me and called me trash and etc and hated the way I look and am and that I am not so smart and educated.
Same with one who is my father on paper…
He always said how stupid I am ,etc
Not got hot n long enough legs etc etc

Others were embarrassed of me when I was drunk cause I am a hopeless drunk n a binge drinker recovered cause I no longer drink alcohol.

I have my momentozzz but I am proud of myself.
I am not super productive nor educated or hot but I am proud to read Swedish and English and be able to manage my hygiene, cook n bake for me and my partner etc

When I had voices years ago they used to say24/7 that I am ugly inside n out and retarded n stupid and no one loves me and moan and threaten and the list goes on and that I was not aloud to leave apartment because I was too ugly to be seen …etc

I nolonger have such voices.


Wishing us self love, respect n pride!!!:v:t2::metal:t5::tada::rainbow::blush::two_hearts::heart:️:gift_heart::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_drops:

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What is more important is are you ashamed of yourself. Don’t be, take a deep breath and walk tall even if a lot of people are taller.


we are going to a food pantry tomorrow so that is the only reason my mother in law wants me to go. we lie to get more food. I feel terrible doing that. there are more people out there who need the food more than us. but my mother in law said with the extra people in the house we have to feed everyone.

so I am only allowed to go when I benefit them. somehow that doesn’t make me feel better but all the encouragement on here did make me feel better

@cbbrown the reason I can’t talk to you anymore on facebook is because your partner doesn’t want me to tell you the truth…your partner is to blame for the negligence the in laws send your way…your problem is that you just accept what your partner says without putting up a fight…FIGHT HER. tell her you are going to go live with your parents if she doesn’t help change how your inlaws see you? good luck…I had to say it.

No one is ashamed of you, you are ashamed of yourself, that’s different, name everything in the right way… People don’t even care if you’re there or not as long as you don’t make a noise… If you make noise people will start to emotionally react, getting ashamed of someone happens when your siblings, son, niece or nephew, in particular, says something nasty or rude in front of respected people, otherwise, you are totally allowed to say whatever you like to say.

We are really all kind of users of other people,. We all need God’s help to change. Some more than others. Your in-laws fall into that category just like everyone else. Few people are truly givers. Do you ask to go along places , shouldn’t feel bad asking. If they really don’t want you to go I bet they say something to keep you from going. I’d just keep asking if you really want to be involved. If you always said no in the past people will quit asking.

I know the feeling.

You shouldn’t let them bother you. If they’re ashamed, it’s probably because they’re too superficial for you. It’s too bad you’re at their mercy, but I wouldn’t let them bother you.

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