Everyone,i need your knowledge and experience

After reading a post by @anon40540444 i want to do a full blood test to check if there is actually other problem and not so that i am schizophrenic,these are some of my idea

1.Test for Hypothyroidism (i dont know the reason but i see this alot for schizophrenia blood test)
2.Test for Prolactin(i suffer from sexual problems,so this test would be good for me)
3.i want to know if there is a test if my medication is working?
because i heard that there is a blood test whereby you can check how much abilify,mirtazapine is in your body and if its enough?

Thanks for reading and please tell me more things if you know

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I was checked for everything. Epilepsy, hypothyroid, the tick diseases, called Borrelia in Swedish. Don’t know the english term for it. It all came back negative. Also I’ve done a brain scan to see if I have tumors. I don’t have that.

It was 8 blood sampels. She checked vitamines, minerals, liver function,infections. Everything.

Thx for reply,did you had Sexual dysfunction?i got this,my prolactin must be very high

Yes. I’ve not had sex for years. I’ve been ill since 2010, got meds in 2011. I have no sexual feelings at all. It’s frustrating. my husband doesn’t push me to have sex but I can imagine him being sad about it.

I know every now and then my son’s pdoc will order blood work that checks the levels of Clozapine in his system to see if it is therapeutic. I’m not sure how they measure this. They do check for thyroid and other things every 4 months through the PACT team and his family doctor also keeps an eye on his vitamin levels etc.