Everyone help me with everything!

Being schizo for me is pretty messed up. Makes it difficult to communicate with people
I say do and say dumb ■■■■, and then voices tell me im an idiot.
I just want to fit In with everyone at work.
I want to be a diffrrent person.
Sometimes i can imagine him; I feel like him.
Even more so when im high, like very more so.

i just want to be what is percieved as normal.

Sometimes the voice is Godlike.
It tells me its all powerful, and that there’s a plan.
So i dont always exist in the same reality, but this has always been reality for me. I’m delusional.
I need help, but i don’t think it exists for me.
I don’t always kbow how to focus, and care.

Ughhhh end

You see like i felt like that was profound,
Like it was meant to be
And i was meant to be famous.

I just want to think like a normal person.
I di when im not high
But i am far from good enough.

Well dude. You have a job good on you.

Just sounds like you need a reality check.

No one is special or blessed. Some may be gifted.

Drop the green. Give a few months and all that grandiosity might dissapear. As good as it might feel you don’t need it. It is holding you back from your goal of being normal.

I’m sorry you have sz.

Welcome to the board. It’s a good place to chat and level out. Keep posting. Dozens of us will help you.

Thanks. Im going to give up smoking weed.
Sonetimes i talk to movie producers
And im imagining movies and series
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a big one
If i can focus, i can enroll in a creative nonfiction workshop on my next payday
And im starting my 7 sessions of personal training next weekend.

Sounds like you’re plugged into to life. That’s a good thing.

Yo man we’re all in the same boat. Smoke your weed, but don’t be like my paps. See I smoke my weed and I chill, get smart study things. My dad he goes haywire feels like he is 13 again won’t stop yakking. You see what is your level of clarity? Some people go stupid on weed, beginners mostly. I been on the yerba for a good long time. I’m a rasta no I don’t wear dreads. You see pot is a gorgeous plant. I love it, I’m so set back as to why opponents hadn’t let go of what they been taught like many years ago. Pot is a way of life idiots can not get rid of. It’s like trying to get rid of God. Well it’s god’s good bud, And until they experienced it is not like meth and all this evil garbage just to for the dollar bill. Yo pot has the power to chill out a nation. Iran for instance. Let them smoke the good green. Afghanistan has some of the most original pot in the world. Yet poppy seems to be their economic narcotic. It’s not outlawed until you got regimes stealing govt money when it is not stealing because they made it their selves. The Gov needs to get their crap together they have heads in office who still operate off of ideaologies influenced upon them and they are rigid they won’t let go. Well I’m here to tell everybody it’s all about influence and how well you can manipulate your own influence because turn on the TV and what we have is brain washing, turn on the radio brain washing. If you got a better answer I challenge you. Go ahead try and influence me with a belief and I will destroy it. Pure logic, facts, matter. It’s about realizing your delusions and taking the right medication for a long time and then you start to see the bigger picture and become immune. Your mind takes on a source of it’s own repelling what the gullible are prone to fall for. Why do I give so much god advice? So freely?? You have no idea where I have come from man. Not a clue. So there is your help.

Should i get a case worker through the mental health association?

i need to not smoke.
Ive never been able to handle it.
Always tripped out too badly
Because of the way it affects me i guess
I will try not to…

Yeah seriously. Smoking weed won’t kill you but for someone who is diagnosed it’s not gonna help either…

Sounds like you need to get grounded. Dropping the fantastical thinking that occurs when one is high will only help you find clarity.

Welcome here. I say stop smoking weed too. It can make things much worse for you.

I’m not “normal” either. I work but feel left out at work. I don’t fit in. I do my stuff and go home. It pays the rent and the food. But I’m not that over social creature I was before I got ill.

Vocational rehab, they give people with disabilties every way to suceed,and u get a social worker to