Everyone gets revenge down here

It’s true.

Everyone gets their revenge.

I try to do good things be tolerance to other but I make mistakes too,I am like too unnatural to people in many ways and also I can’t bring sense of security to people close to me

you gotta be careful with this here revenge stuff.

Half the stuff I wanted revenge for didn’t even really happen and the one thing that did, a young teacher who bullied me in 5th grade, I’ll just say I’m damn lucky nobody got hurt, and glad nobody did as with clarity of mind this is the kind of thing one can simply move on from.

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I don’t seek revenge. The world is angry and negative enough as it is.


Its not revenge. Its a trick. Its sabotage. Its conformity. We’re just lead to punishment.

death is the great equalizer.
take care


My mentally ill borderline/bipolar ex wife in the end of our marriage wanted to take out revenge on me for no real or apparent reason. Seems like she was bent on revenge with no logic behind it.
I prefer forgiveness. Revenge is spiritually toxic

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For like 5 to 10 mins after somebody pisses me off, I’m a VERY vengeful person. One minute later and I’m more or less “…What ever. F* off…”

I do however believe in ‘an eye for an eye’. If you do something malicious against another person, you should expect the same (of equal meaning) in return… Kinda like an economy for wrong doings. Unfortunately this is not how the world works.