Everyone calm down

Because I’m wearing a…dress.

Yes. A dress.

Of course I have leggings on under it, but I’m still in a freaking DRESS.


You’re always copying me.


First Rose moves in, then Rose moves out.
Then you wear a dress…is this the beginning of the end?(lol)


@velociraptor I can’t help it. Your fashion sense is divine.

@Michigan Sorry about what you are going through. But, it might be the apocalypse with my dress wearing.


My provider wears both slip on dresses and pants. I bought a skirt a couple of years ago because I “should” have one. I haven’t worn it yet. But recently I decided it would be nice to do what my provider is doing and that is to wear slip on dresses. I’m loving them but I fall back on my pants, too. Habits. One of my reasons for getting dresses was that my arthritis makes it painful to dress and undress and I thought I could get away with wearing the dresses as nightgowns and not have to change so often.
What made you decide to wear a dress?

I just liked how it looked. Its a pretty dress. Cream color with cherry-like blossoms.

I changed just now, though. Have to cook soon and do dishes. Don’t want to stain it.


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