Everybody wanted boys

I should say everyone important to me wanted boys.

I think this is only true for people in asia or in cultures where its expected of the male in the family to take care of their elderly parents. I think in America, its very clear that woman or man it doesn’t matter to most people what their child turns out to be. Men are generally seen as low maintenance for raising them. I however think children in general are hard on parents regardless.

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I have to disagree. My parents were so sure I’d be a boy that they didn’t even think of a girl’s name for me. It was just their wishful thinking.

I wanted one of each. Until I had a girl. Then I only wanted boys. Girls are so trying. Maybe it’s the hormones. I’m really not sure, actually, but something makes them hard. Even now I see little ones out and about and I usually like the temperament of the boys much better. Of course boys go through their own periods of time when they aren’t the nicest creatures to be around too, don’t get me wrong.

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I don’t know but its not your fault, no need to hang up on it. If they were crap to you, thats on them not you. I’m sorry if you feel bad about it still, and suggest you give a good talking to a therapist so you can work out any lingering pains you need to resolve.

I’m more effeminate then any of my parents would like but I’m me and I don’t care. If I had a different upbringing and I turned out this way, maybe I’d lend more weight to their opinion but being raised by a single mother, and such I reckon I settled just fine.

When I was pregnant, I wanted a boy. My husband wanted a girl. And me, having grown up with an incestuous, pedophile father, I suspected my husbands motives with a girl, so, I wanted a boy very bad.

Besides, I thought that girls were so much harder to raise than boys. I always thought that girls grew up into their teens to hate their mothers and I just didn’t want to deal with all of that.

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