Everybody teaches "No hitting" but

Doctor hit the little bitty baby.

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Yes, yes I can see how this would ruin a person’s life forever.


This probably caused childhood ptsd flashbacks

You gotta force them to breathe somehow.

Hey, they could try “jazz hands!”

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My kids came out screaming. No need for a baby smack. Such well behaved babies lol.

A professor i once had said some hospitals push lightly on the chest to get the baby to take its first breath. I think spanking was viewed as safer as you don’t want to crack any of the baby’s ribs pushing against them.

I watched a video of a guy who worked and worked to get a puppy strong enough to suckle. He rubbed him, stroked him, gave him mouth to mouth air until the pup was able to suck. If only a doctor would do that for a baby.

I think it’s fine to slap a newborn baby on the behind to make it breathe.

But it’s such a disappointing introduction to the outside world.

Not sucking is a bit different than not breathing! Good God, the things you obsess over.

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