Everybody Say Hi to Elvis (Reptile Rescue)

Hi everybody! My name’s Elvis, and I’m a Savannah Monitor. I’m being rescued from a shithole. The wonderful alien99 and his wife scooped me up today. I’m a little touch-and-go at the moment. My previous caretaker didn’t know what he was doing, and I’m paying the price. I show signs of health such as flicking my tongue, but I’m currently very lethargic. Your well-wishes are appreciated. I’m too cute to die this soon. :cry:


That is awesome, I have a bearded dragon. I want a crested gecko or a leopard gecko next but I have to wait awhile.


As I recall, you had a uromastyx too. Awesome little guys. What locality was your uro?

yeah he was a sweetie, he was mali. When we first got him he was full of parasites and was very skinny because the lady who had him before would only feed him romaine lettuce and iceberg lettuce. Then left on her honey moon and he didn’t eat for two weeks. But my in laws forced use to get rid of him said his lights were too expensive to have on.

That’s too bad. I’m already thinking about getting Elvis to a vet. I’m hoping he’s just petrified with fear and half-cold, but his behavior sucks. He just closes his eyes out of fear when shown food. This type of s*it pisses me off…the poor animals. He’s about 15 inches long, nose to tip of tail, and is a little skinny. I really hope I can turn him around. I’ve posted before about doing reptile rescues on here, and it never ceases to make me irate when I see the shape they’re in. Poor little guy…

I hope you find a good vet, the medicine was a pain to give. Along with anti-parasitic meds they put him on antibiotics. spend 256 dollars on the vet that day, but I found a better vet closer just south of us in another town. I have to take my bearded dragon there for a check up.

I hope you help the little guy, he sounds scared. When we first got our bearded dragon he was scared of us, he never tried to bite or anything. we saw him in a pet store that does pet rescues.

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He is a cool looking little guy… very cute.

best wishes go out for a quick recovery.

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He’s gorgeous and @anon40540444, and @cbbrown, you are wonderful people to show such compassion on often overlooked creatures. I hope your new baby pulls through quickly! :heart:

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thanks @Hedgehog, I’ve just been fascinated by reptiles and amphibians for as long as I can remember. I use to have a tiger salamander, a painted turtle and an axolotl but I was forced to get rid of them because the in laws said they used too much electricity.

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Oh so cool! Hope he gets better quickly, with love and good attention :heart:

@anon40540444 I certainly hope he gets better. you’re a great guy.