Everybody has some adversity

Everybody has something, some obstacle to face, some adversity.

The strenght does not come from what the adversity is, but the way we handle it.

Everyone has a sad story to tell, but I bet everyone has a lot of positive in their lives as well. It’s just a matter on what we focus on.

What are you doing about the adversities in your life?


Thus Word … ,

Phew (!) Man Thus Word (!!!)

I believe even if we fail occasionally, it doesn’t mean we would fail lifelong.
No one know what events will take place tomorrow. Therefore, stay positively today and hoping for brighter future tomorrow.


If nothing else, just facing them denotes courage and dignity.


I like my adversities, because they have made me more compassionate and understanding of struggles for other people. Actually, I have gotten so used to adversity in my life that during the weird one year period with no major struggles I almost lost it. My sister said she felt the same way.

When you have an intensely tragic backstory, people give you lots of attention for still fighting on. But after a few years, you’re still fighting, but the attention fades away. People just get too used to your story. In a way, mental illness was the best thing to happen to me. Now I always have something I have to fight to overcome.


I have a bit more than I can use right now and would be happy to give the extra away to a good, loving home. Any takers? Anyone? Bueller?


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Awwwww I wish I could help but we’re already at the municipal limit per household.

Besides the head circus that likes to act up… I have a few situations in life that I’m working on over coming.

When I hit a snag… I used to really fall apart and just shut down.

Now I’m trying to get better at working through it.

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Seeking help. Helping myself. Enjoying myself when the opportunity arises. Being patient. People tell me I’m kind, (thanks @darksith), people tell I’m nice. I’m trying to stay that way but it’s a running battle with other people who either on purpose or unconsciously try my patience.