Everybody gets stuck

Everybody can’t overcome their issues. It is not possible for people to overcome their problems. Everybody has their limits as well.


I think those that persevere through them make them stronger.


I kicked an addiction.

And got my life back after I lost my mom, was hospitalized, lost my housing, had to quit school, hurt my back, had to take two months off of work and ended up in a board & care home. I live in an apartment now, I’ve been back to work 6 years now, my back is better, I finished school and got my degree and I’ve stayed out of the hospital. Isn’t all that overcoming problems?


Yeah it’s possible to get a lot done and overcome many things. Doesn’t mean it’s easy but it sure is doable. I guess it helps being positive.


I get stuck too often than not. It’s been my life. There is not much relationship that I have that worked for me. Due to which life looks like a criss cross path. It’s never a straight road. Wish I can overcome it by persistence and trying one day.

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You can only overcome the obstacles you’re capable of overcoming. There are problems that are just too big for the people facing them. I feel like these are facts. I also feel like no one should ever form an attitude about life around these facts.

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