Everybody else

Everybody wants me to be their person which just leaves me feeling depressed.

But are you being treated like a person? As that’s all that matters.

you can be pulled in many which directions, hopefully you choose what is best for you.

I’m me, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, friend, lover, owner and house owner.

It can be overwhelming.

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You a strong women Daze!

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This doesn’t make sense.
What do you mean by “be their person”

Ever since I was a spoiled kid the “friends” that I had were there just because I was paying for everything they never really cared about anything else, they probably never thought of me as a person.

As long as you know whats real thats what matters.

I second that.

Do you mean you are a role model? Some people look to me for “how to function whilst schizophrenic” and I’m like “get comorbid disorders, they help…that deep seated anger, that’s the ■■■■, yo, channel it into highly functioning pizazz.”

Or just be like this

and then keep reading peer reviewed empirical studies and dont think about it just do it yo people gonna be admirin some people gonna be like ■■■■ you big boi you be like “check this ■■■■ out I just dropped” and then drop some dope ■■■■ that makes the whole building smell like danky dank mowie wowie

then smoke the weed and be focusing really hard on not dying

The Art of Not Giving a ■■■■ written by Sun Tzu, banned in all countries because everyone just smoked opium imported by the British after they read it

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Hah forgot about this post.