Every time I get a compliment from a real person

the voices call me “sucker.” I know it’s not self-talk because I am surprised each time they say it. It’s not my mind calling me “sucker,” so it feels like a real insult from someone else and is very disappointing. Anyone else have voices that do this to them?


I too get surprised by the voices often. They generally aren’t hostile to me however. I hear what I think I don’t want to hear or couldn’t have possibly imagined by myself.

In the end, this is not an argument for real entities behind the voices. You personally could have subconscious mistrust of some kind, hence apparently surprising remarks. Finally, regardless of how voices appeared it is certainly an indication of an altered brain.

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Good points you made for the voices being internal.

I don’t know why voices can be so mean, considering they are coming from within us aswell. It really puzzles me as well. It might just be cos it’s a disease and diseases purpose is pain. So the mental pain is wat we get from some of these voices.

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I have thought of it that way too, that it’s a disease and diseases want to cause us pain.

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I think they’re malicious people who want people to be a sucker. They have a serious ignorance problem.


There are those who call themselves dumb minded inside of my head. I recognize them, and they want to get away with it. They say that dumb wins. I don’t know if I am allowed to say that schizophrenia is caused on purpose, but the police know that already. In the US, it’s a 10 year prison sentence, and a fine. Other countries are more strict, and offer life in prison.

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Other websites don’t let me post this, but it really is true!!!

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Sorry, noone causes schizophrenia on purpose. Voices inside your head will never be evidence for anything.

There are rare cases when people turn psychotic after interaction with someone. The person who appears to cause the change never actually aimed or even imagined it possible. It is a biological vulnerability in the victim that is irritated basically randomly. Not a crime, not mind control, not magic.


Are you saying schizophrenia is a crime in US? If so please don’t spread false statements

I think Tmont implies that there is a possibility to affect someone with schizophrenia on purpose, like poisoning or provoking suicide. If that was possible, then sure, it would have been a crime.


It’s a neurobiological disorder that affects 1 % of the population. If it was a thing that someone could control then it would be a lot higher. It’s linked to genetics and some environmental triggers. What you are asserting isn’t true and please be cool. It’s not policy here to encourage delusional thinking and that will be censored for the benefit of the community.

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Yeah, there is more than one kind. Visions can be caused on purpose. The police are aware of it. They informed me that a police report can be beneficial, because some of mine really is caused on purpose. If you saw what I can see, then you would know it. The police really have heard of that happening before. My dad and my best friends are terrible, and they really do talk in other people’s heads. It’s not a false statement.

I get compliments from Real people all the time. Compliments on my skin condition, my skin color, my hair, my clothes, my face, my legs, my butt, my lips.

With all the compliments I get all the time from family and strangers, you would think I would be a pretty girl. But I just don’t see that in either selfies or the mirror.

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I would trust what people say to you.

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