Every time I closed my eyes

Today every time I closed my eyes, I saw Jesus with his legs and arms wide open, and balls of light in each of his feet, hands, in the head and in the penis area. And while i see him,I zoom in and get rapidly into his heart and then get out from his back like a bullet


These delusions are never fun, I used to get frustrated when I had these kind of delusions.

I would ask about zyprexa, but It will not help you.

How you doing?

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I am on zyprexa 40mg. I dont think it cured me. I have less running commentary but i have plenty of unusual beliefs. How are you?

What other meds are there? That you haven’t try yet

I am good, thank you

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There are few left to try and clozapine which i think its dangerous.
I will stick to meds and I’ll try to manage the breakthrough symptoms

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I feel bad for you, I wish you good health

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